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Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help
Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help
Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help
Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help
Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help
Moving company Chicago - sliders & images with movers help


Vitesse Moving and Transfer, Inc. is a local moving company, an Illinois corporation, that is providing moving services to households and businesses in metropolitan areas of Chicago and Los Angeles.

Vitesse Moving and Transfer, Inc. offers highly rated moving services, with a reputation for timely, stress-free moving. There are many reviews from satisfied customers who have used our services, proving that we are among the best movers in our areas of operation.

There are only a few times in your life when stress is at a peak: marriage, birth and moving. When we relocate, there are many things involved in that process, from acclimatisation to new surroundings, to changing schools, etc.

We want your moving experience to be one of ease and lack of worry. When we move people, we want to have a small partnership with our client to assure success.

We are licensed and insured to take the worries out of the job. And every local move, regardless of size, is vitally important for us to do with a professional and caring attitude.

Make sure you get your moving help from the most reliable movers

We are your neighbours. We care about what we do. And, like you, we have moved in the past and seen what others do. We will make every effort to assure that you get the best moving services and those will be done properly.

We believe in going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to give you the best value within your budget, another reason why we consider ourselves to be among the best movers in Chicago.

We care deeply about making a better life for those who chose us. Call it Karma, if you want to, but we know if we do a very good job for you, others will want to hire our company.

And, more than that, our philosophy is always to feel that we have done our best and we treat every customer in a way we want to be treated by others. We know, as a business, that our customers' trust is our most valuable asset.

The charges for each of our services are determined based upon the resources we provide; that is the size of your moving crew and the truck provided. We base our determination of the allocation of resources upon an analysis of your moving needs.

Our prices are budget sensitive, but will never be the lowest. We believe in competing more on excellence of service than on price alone. We are much closer to Nordstrom than Wal-Mart. If you are looking for the bargain basement Chicago moving company, we are not that company. If you are looking for a company that is especially value and budget conscious, that is Vitesse.

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Services provided by Chicago movers: packing and unpacking, moving and delivery by best movers


Vitesse Moving specialise in moving service - local residential and corporate / office moves as well as local furniture delivery services with our fully equipped trucks at the most competitive rates.

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Services provided by Chicago movers: packing and unpacking, moving and delivery by best movers


Our company offers full packing, relieving you of all the stressed involved in your move.

You can rest assured that your belongings will be packed and protected by trained professionals & movers.

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Services provided by Chicago movers: packing and unpacking, moving and delivery by best movers


Should you have items that requires disassemble before being moved (such as large pieces of furniture) don't worry, Vitesse Moving Chicago Movers & Moving Company has you covered. Our moving professionals are equipped and prepared to disassemble any required items and reassemble them upon delivery.

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  • Andrea Tabert, Buffalo Grove IL

    The service provided and received from this company was exceptional. They were able to assess the logistics before the move as to personnel required and timing. The personnel were prompt, professional, friendly, and very accommodating. They faced some obstacles in getting some large pieces of furniture into small places but were very resourceful. They remained until the job was done and returned the following day to assist with the set up process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking prompt, professional and exceptional service in meeting any of their moving needs. Many thanks to all of you.

  • W. Collier, Chicago IL

    My wife and I found Vitesse Moving on Craigslist when we discovered after 11 PM on a Saturday evening that we would have to move a *very* large piece of furniture the next day -- a snowy Sunday on the weekend before the Christmas holiday. I e-mailed Vitesse Moving and was surprised to receive a response only minutes later, agreeing to the job and setting a time for the next afternoon. Having dealt with other moving companies with varying degrees of success, I was skeptical that anyone would actually show up. I need not have worried. The two movers arrived as agreed, and were courteous and professional. Though the item was very large, heavy, and awkward, they moved it without a scratch, and without scratching a wall in my condo building. In short, they did what they promised, and we were completely satisfied with the result.

  • Sandy Steer, Hoffman Estates, IL

    I encountered two horrible moving companies on craigslist that left me high and dry. I saw Vitesse Moving's ad and decided to call them after a week of 2 failed attempts to get a moving company that I booked and one did not show up at all and the other left me waiting for eight hours and I finally canceled with them. I called Vitesse and they emailed me a confirmation. They showed up on the dot and I got a call upon arrival. They treated my belongings with care and they were so efficient. Call them if you need good movers at a great price.


Useful moving tips
  • Organize your time well. Leave the whole day for your move. Don’t plan to go back to work, arrange a dinner date, etc.
  • Look over everything that you have and take the opportunity to get rid of things that you know you really don't need.
Packing tips
  • Use all spaces of the box. If you don't they will crunch and once the movers load in the truck, it might interfere on loading, they will also move around, and the chances on damage will increase.
  • Tape the bottom of every box; tape the top closed tightly when full.
Insurance tips
  • When moving, it is always a good idea to be insured. A moving company will provide you with valuation, which is not full-coverage insurance.
How to Pick a Moving Company
  • Verify the company of choice is licensed and insured.
  • Contact State Department of Transportation to verify that the moving company you are considering has obtained a license to operate.

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