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  • 4 steps how to choose a moving company

    4 steps how to choose a moving company

    This week’s post is devoted to how to choose a moving company. We have been in moving business for over 8 years. We’ve seen many companies doing the right thing and unfortunately wrong things. We have developed a list of steps that will help you hire the best moving company:
  • How to adapt to a new place of living

    How to adapt to a new place of living

    Moving to a new district or to a new city always pushes people out of the habitual way of life. It takes several months, and maybe years, to fully adapt to new acquaintances, traffic routes, and also to perceive a new place of residence as their own home. It is worth noting that sometimes too long adaptation can break stability and a sense of self-confidence. Accordingly, it is necessary to make some efforts to adapt to a new place of living as soon as it possible. We have prepared several useful tips for you, so that this process will become fast, pleasant and easy for you.
  • Night moving: pluses and minuses

    Night moving: pluses and minuses

    The dynamism of modern life sometimes requires us to make very operative decisions.  It happens that the apartment move needs to be organized as soon as possible, or we have to transport the office in a matter of hours without stopping the working process.  Fortunately, today all this is not a problem, and many moving companies offer such a convenient service as night moving.
  • Tips for choosing the right cargo van for moving

    Tips for choosing the right cargo van for moving

    On the day of move you will need vehicle for transportation of all your items, furniture and other equipment. It’s very important to choose the right transport depending on the type of items to move. If you know what cargo van you need, you can save a lot of money and time. Here we prepared some essential recommendations which can help you when moving. The cost of moving directly depends on which car the things are transported on.  The difference can be significant. For example, the price for renting a 1.5-ton cargo van can start from 50$ per hour, and a 5-ton truck - from 100$ per hour.
  • Transportation of a safe

    Transportation of a safe

    When the office of the company moves to a new building, the problem of transporting the safe becomes one of the most importantissues. It is difficult to imagine any modern company without this important "iron box", because it stores all the most valuable items: contracts, labor books, constituent documents, cash, etc. But not only companies are interested in the competent organization of safe transportation. Ordinary people often keep such equipment at home, so when they move to another apartment they face many difficulties. It is very difficult to transport a safe without the help of a moving company, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.
  • Transportation of a printer

    Transportation of a printer

    Nowadays, the most advanced technologies are used to create high-quality and reliable printing equipment.  The technologies are becoming more and more modernized and at the same time miniature and fragile.  Therefore, any action in relation to the printer should be careful and attentive.After the move the following problems often can occur with office equipment:  computers start to work with malfunctions, printers issue "defective" copies, which may require refilling the cartridges, or even repairing the printer, cords and other components are lost, the cases of devices are scratched, powder is scattered in the laser printer, etc. All this affects negatively on the budget and the mood of the owners. 
  • Transportation of a pool table

    Transportation of a pool table

    Each person has his own hobby, which brings him pleasure. A hobby can be a game of golf or collecting stamps and coins. Someone likes to play billiards most of all, so eventually they have to think about buying a pool table to enjoy their hobby completely at home.
  • Transportation of a paper archive

    Transportation of a paper archive

    A lot of paper documents accumulate over time even in a small company. The transfer of information to the personal computers does not completely solve the problem, because many data must be stored on papers. If there is a need to move to another office, the main attention should be paid to the preparation and loading of documents. Otherwise, the company can face sufficient difficulties at a new place of work. The company management should take into consideration the safety of the database, constituent documents and licenses. All permission documents should be duplicated by a notary. Before carrying out the transportation of the archive, place the certified materials for storage in a safe place. It is possible to put them in some safe place at responsible employee’s home. But it is more reliable to pass a package of especially important documents to the bank for temporary storage.
  • Transportation of a honey

    Transportation of a honey

    Nobody will argue with the statement that honey is a particularly valuable product, which is often used to treat various diseases. Before consumers get the opportunity to purchase this medicinal product, a considerable time passes by. Beekeepers have to solve many problems with a large number of tasks. There are issues that are entirely relevant to their competence, including the selection of a good location for the installation of hives, the process of picking up, storing honey. Any experienced beekeeper knows very well how to act on each of these stages. Problems often arise during the transportation phase, which lead to the loss of a sweet product. To preserve the integrity of the results of their work, it is recommended to use the services of specialists of moving companies who thoroughly know the specifics of such transportation.
  • How to relocate a store?

    How to relocate a store?

    The reasons for relocating a store are obvious to any businessman: necessity of widening the territory, choosing a better location in order to attract more customers and maximize sales. Any shopkeeperis willingto complete relocation of a store as quickly as it possible. Even a one-day break in work of a store can result in a significant loss of profits and even customers. That is why many entrepreneurs and heads of retail outlets are interested in the question: how to organize a store move correctly? Indeed, what can and should be done to avoid material losses? How to move quickly and at no extra cost? Let's try to formulate some basic rules.