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  • 4 steps how to choose a moving company

    4 steps how to choose a moving company

    This week’s post is devoted to how to choose a moving company. We have been in moving business for over 8 years. We’ve seen many companies doing the right thing and unfortunately wrong things. We have developed a list of steps that will help you hire the best moving company:
  • How to move washing machine

    How to move washing machine

    Transportation of the large home appliances, such as a washing machine, isn’t an easy task. The new machine is transported in a special factory package, reinforced with cushioning materials, so the full safety of the machine is guaranteed.  But if the device has already worked for a while, the question arises, how to transport the washing machine on your own without bringing damages to its mechanism?
  • How to pack and move the TV

    How to pack and move the TV

    Simple tips that will help you in transporting TVs. Listening to them you solve a number of problems. More information in our article.
  • How to move with pets

    How to move with pets

    When we move to another apartment our pets get stressed as well as we do. They subtly feel the mood of the owner before moving, notice a change in their familiar surroundings, usual things and furniture. These moments can be very traumatic for them.  On the day of the moving, unfamiliar people and smells invade their territory. To get a new home is very hard and stressful for them. They get stressed because they don’t know where we all are moving. They feel fear and panic. Unfortunately, our pets have little opportunity to let us know something about their feelings. If you follow the tips given above your pet gets through moving process without any difficulties.
  • Tips for successful transportation of the refrigerator

    Tips for successful transportation of the refrigerator

    One of the most difficult tasks of moving is to solve the problem of transportation of refrigerator. Despite its impressive size, this is a very fragile device.  When a new refrigerator is purchased, there are no problems with transportation because the trading companies themselves deliver cumbersome home appliances. 
  • Transportation of stove

    Transportation of stove

    Our company will help you to transport your kitchen cooker to new place or deliver brand new one from appliance shop. We also offer you our services of bringing out your old or broken home appliances to utilization.
  • Transportation of glasses

    Transportation of glasses

    Glass is one of the most fragile items and that means there could be problems with its transportation. Anyone who does such type of work on their own might face some difficulties. That’s why it would be better to find some professionals to do such a careful work. Specialists of our company have huge experience and know all aspects and rules of glass transportation. You can be sure that such a fragile load will be delivered without any damages.
  • Moving chair or couch

    Moving chair or couch

    Moving a chair can bring real difficulties just like moving a couch. These items are usually rather big, moreover they also weigh a lot, of course except for frameless furniture, inside which there is Styrofoam.  To reduce the likelihood of damage and save space in the moving truck, larger objects should be disassembled, as long as construction allows. 
  • Loads marking-out for transportation

    Loads marking-out for transportation

    Before transportation of different loads in car or any other transport it is highly recommended to make solid packaging for them. The most suitable items for that are boxes, packages, metallic containers, barrels and so on.  Before loading your packed goods into a car it would be very sufficient to make a special marking.
  • Aquarium transportation

    Aquarium transportation

    Aquarium is a very fragile thing, which means it takes much effort and time to transport it. There are two problems which you would face while transporting. One of these problems is how to transport a storage container without damaging it and the second question is what to do with inhabitants of the tank?