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  • 4 steps how to choose a moving company

    4 steps how to choose a moving company

    This week’s post is devoted to how to choose a moving company. We have been in moving business for over 8 years. We’ve seen many companies doing the right thing and unfortunately wrong things. We have developed a list of steps that will help you hire the best moving company:
  • Helpful tips for moving with parrot

    Helpful tips for moving with parrot

    Animals, as well as people, have stress when changing the place of living. If you are going to move with your beloved parrot, be properly prepared for this task. So how transportation of parrots should be carried out?  The answer to this question is quite simple. But the answer should be in expanded form. Only in this case, you will understand many of the nuances of transporting birds.
  • Tips for winter moving

    Tips for winter moving

    Moving in the winter is not such rare process as it seems. Of course, in most cases, change of home or moving to a new office are implemented in the summer, in the warm days. But it’s not always possible to postpone moving and wait for the warm days. Sometimes moving is being delayed. Someone delays with the paperwork, someone a long time could not find a suitable alternative or save the required amount of money. And some plan to move specially in winter in order not to suffer from the heat under the scorching sun, not to be distracted by country care and safely transport things, to equip the life, to do repairs. And the holidays can be used for this purpose. Yes, moving into the cold season has its advantages. It is necessary to consider some features in order to be ready for the cold move.
  • Where to start moving?

    Where to start moving?

    If you are going to move, you must be prepared for that. However, it’s difficult process and not everyone can take this challenge. But once you decided to move you should treat this task responsibly. Otherwise, troubles are inevitable: in the turmoil, something will be lost, it will break, it will break. And it's better to start preparing for a couple of weeks before the day of move. So, where to start moving?
  • What to take with yourself when moving?

    What to take with yourself when moving?

    Finally, it’s the day of move. Are you confident in the decency of the movers of the moving company or friends who were invited to help with the move? Are you ready to trust them with the most valuable things? It's fine! But still there are a number of items that should be transported with one's own hand. For your own peace of mind. Prepare a separate suitcase or bag for things that should not go in the truck with furniture, but in a private car - exclusively with you. Or by hand luggage, if you get to a new place you will have public transport. Here is the list of things that should be taken with you when moving to another place.
  • What to do with unnecessary things before moving

    What to do with unnecessary things before moving

    Getting ready for the move, you decided to pack things, walked through the apartment, thinking about what to pack first, and accidentally glanced at the balcony. And at that moment, your grandfather's skis fell on your head and you grasped the grandmother's flower pots with your hand. If you vividly imagined this situation, then it's time for you to clean up on the balcony, in order not to carry all rubbish to the new apartment.
  • Transportation of your library: useful tips

    Transportation of your library: useful tips

    Internet and television have become the main sources of information for many people all over the world. The times when people kept whole libraries at their home are gradually disappearing into the past. Many years ago people used to keep cases with books at their homes, but as time passes we forget about books and turn to our smartphones. These days it’s better to download any book we want from Internet using Smartphone rather than looking for necessary book from shelves covered by dust. But even in our days of technological progress, there are happy owners of rich home libraries.
  • Transportation of paintings

    Transportation of paintings

    There are a huge variety of paintings. And their prices are also significantly different. It's one thing - a cheap reproduction in the frame, which you were presented for the third place in any photo contest or checkerboard tournament. And quite another - the work of a famous artist, which costs several thousand dollars, purchased at an auction or an antique, old canvas. Some of the paintings are priceless. For example, your best work, if you are an artist.
  • Transportation of curtain clips

    Transportation of curtain clips

    If your faithful cornice is going with you, then it must be removed. When dismantling the curtain clips, as well as when installing them, requires a certain skill, the experience of simple construction works and a set of necessary tools. If you do not have all of the above, then it's better to entrust the procedure to specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing the cornice to become unusable.
  • Moving with children. How to avoid mistakes?

    Moving with children. How to avoid mistakes?

    Moving is a difficult process. It is necessary to think about how many packages to buy, what car to order and where to find loaders. But this difficult task becomes even more difficult if there are children in your house. How will they get over the change of housing? Will they be able to adapt quickly to the new place or will they have difficulties? On these, as well as many other questions, we will answer you in this article