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  • 4 steps how to choose a moving company

    4 steps how to choose a moving company

    This week’s post is devoted to how to choose a moving company. We have been in moving business for over 8 years. We’ve seen many companies doing the right thing and unfortunately wrong things. We have developed a list of steps that will help you hire the best moving company:
  • How to Prepare Your Cherished Furniture for a House Move in Los Angeles or Chicago
  • Local Movers Vs Brokers: Differences and Benefits

    Local Movers Vs Brokers: Differences and Benefits

    Scheduling a house move or an office relocation in Chicago or Los Angeles, and realizing that your need for the professional moving services is huge and impelling, you certainly start looking for the best, experienced moving company. Since the internet exists, finding reliable helpers for solving any household tasks such as furniture assembling and installation, plumbing or electrical networks repairing, is really easy. You easily check the fair and recent customers’ reviews, the company’s background, license, etc. Any agents or middlemen are not necessary anymore. Meanwhile, it’s essential to realize at one who you are actually dealing with, eliminating any confusion or misunderstanding. This article helps you categorize moving brokers and companies by several basic attributes and save your money, nerves, or, at least, time for searching the best house movers and negotiations with scammers and fraud service providers.
  • Long-Distance, Interstate Moving Tips

    Long-Distance, Interstate Moving Tips

    Moving out of California or Illinois, across your treasured country, you can feel puzzled with all of the great challenges you face. Actually, an interstate relocation is much more complex, difficult and expensive than a local move. But for the standard house cleaning, belongings sorting and packing issues, you are to deal with some special challenges, such as the climate change, the new environment, your own trip preparations, kids and pets transportation. Quite naturally, you are to schedule all tasks properly, find reliable, experienced and trusted long-distance movers, change your address and inform all your calling parties about it, think about your new job, house and medical centers. Meanwhile, an interstate relocation is more complex than a move within your city or metropolitan area.
  • Tips for an Efficient Small Office Move in Illinois or California

    Tips for an Efficient Small Office Move in Illinois or California

    Move itself is commonly a time-consuming, stressful and challenging event. Looking forward to the positive changes in their lives, newcomers still need to solve a lot of tasks during the limited span of time. Packing, preparations and cleaning are essential and exhausting chores that can cause some problems like nervous breakdown when they are not properly scheduled and planned.
  • Tips for Safe and Efficient House Moving in Summer

    Tips for Safe and Efficient House Moving in Summer

    Anticipating a residential move in Illinois or Los Angeles, you probably select the summer season for this significant event. Summer offers a number of apparent benefits for relocations such as perfect weather conditions, sports season and school year gaps, real estate market peak and the great time for house renovations. Meanwhile, due to high demand for professional, local moving services, virtually all reliable and reputed relocation companies in California and Illinois offer higher rates during the peak season. Therefore, it’s preferable to schedule the house move in beforehand, hire flexible and customer oriented local movers that offer full-scope move-related services at affordable rates. Summer surcharges of large corporations can make up to 25-50% while our moving rates are honest, transparent and competitive.
  • Winter House Moving Tips

    Winter House Moving Tips

    According to the recent (2015) study undertaken by the US Bureau, about 50% of Americans prefer moving in summer. Hot season is beneficial in terms of weather, due to the holidays, better housing options and garage sales opportunities. Summer is a busy time for all professional local movers, including Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Meanwhile, if you still decide to move your house in winter due to an emergency, think about the advantages of this choice and try to solve all seasonal issues decently. Read this article and try to be prepared for all hardships, following our short, expert tips.
  • Benefits of Hiring Small Local Movers in Chicago or Los Angeles

    Benefits of Hiring Small Local Movers in Chicago or Los Angeles

    Anticipating a residential move, Illinois and California residents are to make a lot of various decisions. They concern the job positions, the healthcare services, the documents handling, the address changing and the new apartment selection. Quite naturally, you would think about hiring a reliable moving company to relieve your moving stress. Its size, reputation and experience certainly matter. Meanwhile, going to move a small apartment such as a 3-bedroom family house or a studio, it’s preferable to hire small local moving companies like Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. This choice is better in comparison with large corporations as it has a number of undeniable advantages in multiple situations.
  • How to Pack Your Special Items

    How to Pack Your Special Items

    Anticipating a forthcoming house move, multiple people are worried and puzzled with the relocation challenges. The common nightmares include broken dishes, china, lost collectibles, dents and scratches on the fashionable, luxurious furniture. Moving scams and extra charges that can exhaust not only the relocation but the total family budget also often frighten the people before the move. Opting for the reliable local movers, such as Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., you are protected against unfair practices and various frauds.
  • Tips for an Efficient Short-Distance Local Move

    Tips for an Efficient Short-Distance Local Move

    A residential move can be really exhausting and nervous for common people. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire the most reliable local movers that make your relocation safe and smooth.