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Transportation of curtain clips

If your faithful cornice is going with you, then it must be removed.  When dismantling the curtain clips, as well as when installing them, requires a certain skill, the experience of simple construction works and a set of necessary tools.  If you do not have all of the above, then it's better to entrust the procedure to specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing the cornice to become unusable.

From the removed cornice it is necessary to separate removable parts.  Place them in a separate cardboard box and sign so that you can easily find the elements of the cornice among the things in the new place.  The basic construction should now be packed. For this, air-bubble film, popular and reliable packing material, is suitable. Transportation of curtain clips is usually done together with all things.  In the car that was ordered to move. But if you carry out transportation of things on your own, do not take such a long construction, as the cornice, on the roof of a car. Such transportation can lead to deformation of the curtain clips.  There will still need a special transport. But the blinds will go into the car. The main thing - do not try to roll the blinds in half. And be sure to pack them before moving to avoid contamination.

Transportation of curtain clips
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