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Packing services

Vitesse Moving Company provides top-quality packing services

The packing services we offer in Chicago and Los Angeles are fast, accurate and efficient. Our packing/unpacking services cost/price is affordable

Professional Packing Services in Illinois and California

Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is a professional, reliable moving company. We work since 2008, serving large and populous Los Angeles and Chicago Metropolitan areas to the highest standard. We focus on your dear possessions’ protection, packing and moving needs.

Quite naturally, we offer stuff sorting and packing services, protecting your furniture, household appliances, electronics, fashionable clothing, footwear, glassware and collectibles. On your request, we supply the most reliable, professional packing materials, including:

  • strong, corrugated cartons for mirrors, computers, electronic goods, electrical appliances;
  • honey comb cartons for fragile items, glassware and collectibles;
  • double wall wardrobe cartons for your clothing;
  • mattress covers;
  • furniture blankets;
  • water resistant paper;
  • bubble wrap and tape.

Unpacking services are not of less importance for us. We don’t leave you along with your daunting and time-consuming stuff sorting, furniture rearrangement tasks. Our accurate, fast and efficient house and office movers deliver perfect, complete work, striving for your ultimate satisfaction.

Meanwhile, packing & unpacking services cost/price is commonly calculated on hourly base, being included to our total moving rates. Our moving quotes are fair, affordable and transparent.

Why Choose Vitesse Moving?

Our company founder, Slava, knows from his own recent experience, what your cherished belongings mean for you. Your valuable stuff is your memory; therefore, we handle every book, photograph, TV set or document with the greatest care. We provide top-quality, professional packing services in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. Our valued customers appreciate it, relying on Vitesse Moving, because:

  • our company in licensed and insured in IL and CA;
  • our dedicated movers are trained, qualified and experienced, fast and efficient;
  • we have got several hundreds of positive reviews on Yelp, Google, Thumbtack and Facebook;
  • our packing services cost/price is affordable and reasonable;
  • Chicago and Los Angeles residents rate our company highly, with 5 stars.

Our unpacking services cost/price is also fair and affordable. Our moving company is experienced and reputed, based on our regular customers support and appreciation.

Our Comprehensive Packing & Moving Process

Our moving process is multifaceted and customer-oriented, including affordable packing and unpacking services. Professional procedures of our well-coordinated moving team involve:

  • receipt of your relevant inquiry;
  • clearing up stuff volume and scope of work details;
  • accurate estimation, incl. unpacking services;
  • sending an affordable, fair, transparent quote;
  • getting your confirmation and move scheduling;
  • supply of the requested top-quality packing materials;
  • rendering of professional packing services;
  • loading and delivery;
  • unloading, unpacking and stuff rearrangement.

Our unpacking services cost/price is quite moderate, as small house, local moving (studio-2 bedroom) is usually completed within several hours. Our rates are really affordable while our packing services are top-quality, professional and efficient. However, we don’t recommend saving on packing materials as they are essential to protect your dear possessions during delivery and loading. We guarantee that your cherished books, documents, fashionable furniture and clothing, glassware, pianos and collectibles, mirrors and electronics are delivered at the new destination safe and sound, clean and in going order. So, call us to inquire our reliable moving and packing services cost/price, and make sure that it’s really reasonable and fair.