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Vitesse Moving: An Ideal Solution for Moving Help Chicago

It’s a perfect time for scheduling, planning and dreaming about new life. Meanwhile, anticipating a relocation, it is highly recommendable to find a reliable mover for professional moving help Chicago at once, book your moving day and share the platform. Upon taking the decision to move because of the perfect, new job opportunities, marriage or for educational purposes, Americans commonly have from 2 months to several weeks ahead. If you do it in beforehand, it enables you to find the most affordable local moving services, cut down your moving expenses and schedule all tasks properly.

According to the well-known Bureau of Labor Statistics, US workers change jobs every 4.2 years on the average (as of January 2016). Job opportunities are among the prevalent reasons for residential relocations within the USA. Young and single people, renting families commonly move more often than other Americans. Thus, 20-24 % of US residents change jobs every 12 months.

However, even if you are young and light or foot, any move is an important and challenging event. The number of minor and principal things to do is enormous.

Planning and Scheduling

Choosing a good moving company for reliable moving help Chicago is among the basic tasks you are to solve by yourselves. It takes some time to find several suitable movers, send inquiries, get free quotes and compare them. Multiple online reviews, moving licenses and MC numbers facilitate this time-consuming task.

Additionally, the tenants are to do several things by themselves:

  • create an accurate moving budget;
  • find a new house or apartment to rent or purchase;
  • get rid of broken, old and unneeded items;
  • inform the institutions of the address change and switch utilities;
  • clean your old house;
  • say goodbye to the neighbors and friends.

As the chores are numerous, it’s advisable to make the most detailed checklist of the essential tasks and schedule them properly, using a calendar. That’s the way you never forget anything, but won’t make haste, trying to do all the necessary things at once.

Plan the Trip

The accurate movers you select for moving help Chicago certainly pack and deliver your heavy and bulky belongings, furniture and appliances. Meanwhile, you are to get to the destination by yourself, transport the kids, all your family members and some essential items. For example, you would take along:

  • your important financial, property related and personal documents; school and medical reports;
  • some essentials for your kids, pets and yourself;
  • specialty items and valuables, such as jewelry, sensitive electronics and family heirlooms.

We treasure your memories and cherished belongings. With hiring our moving help Chicago; you can receive services like packing, wrapping, loading and delivering the special items that are bulky such as pianos or pool tables, collectibles and large computers. But even if you order our comprehensive packing, furniture moving and assembly services, you are to sort your possessions by yourself initially, separating the necessary and unneeded stuff, your essentials and valuables.

Additionally, an interstate, long distance move requires some preparations. You are to think where to stay and eat out on the way, how to deliver your pets, pot flowers, etc. Fortunately, our professional house movers care about your bulky and heavy possessions, delivering and moving them accurately and efficiently.

The Old House Arrangement

Upon signing a rental agreement, the tenants are to follow several important instructions. As a rule, they should not paint the walls, make any renovations or change anything within the house.

Conversely, leaving your apartment for good, you are to:

  • clean the rooms, windows and carpets;
  • check that all appliances, lighting fixtures and equipment are in good order;
  • inform the house owners about the forthcoming move in beforehand;
  • remove all personal belongings.

Thus, when you hire us for professional moving help Chicago, think about the things to be delivered and the ones you don’t really need anymore. The unneeded stuff is to be sold; the garbage is to be discarded. The old furniture, TV sets, clothing, etc. can be sold online. Otherwise, have a small garage sale or just donate some items to your friends if they need the stuff.

Before delivering bulky and heavy items, make a rough estimation of the delivery costs. Check the total estimates for several options: what is more beneficial for you: to buy new furniture on arrival, selling your old tables, sofas and bookcases or to have your cherished pieces of furniture packed, loaded and delivered? For example, planning to buy a cabinet or a new freezer soon, do it later, in your new city or town.

So, just leave at home and separate the stuff that is necessary, is to be packed and loaded to the moving truck.

Professional Moving Services

Just contact Vitesse Moving and Transfer, Inc. and our friendly and competent professionals help you with multiple essential chores. On your request, our diligent movers will:

  • estimate the moving cost and time, the accurate truck volume;
  • sort and pack your belongings;
  • make an inventory;
  • disassemble the furniture;
  • supply the reliable packing materials;
  • load the moving truck, deliver the possessions, unload them, unpack and assemble the furniture.

Our well-trained and courteous movers can also move the furniture within the house or apartment, so your living space will be completely arranged.

Thus, the domestic chores to do before your forthcoming move are time-consuming and numerous, but a lot of these challenging tasks can be efficiently solved by the professional moving help Chicago. So wait no more and contact us for best services at affordable costs now!